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CASE Launches New Services and Free

National Service Provider Registry

We are very excited to announce that we have launched our new website and the national Building a Stronger Workforce campaign this week. The Government of Canada sponsored campaign will run this winter and early spring and is targeted to small and medium sized employers across Canada. It includes an extensive national print, visual and social media campaign focused on driving traffic to our website and specifically promotes an interactive search tool where employers can find specific service offered by service providers in their local area.

We also have developed a number of innovative employer resources such as the HR Inclusive Policy Toolkit and related online self-assessment, a searchable Knowledge Hub, and extensive promotional material, including an infomercial, explaining the services offered by supported employment service providers.

There has never been a better time to join CASE! Be part of Canada’s national voice for supported employment. For a low annual fee, you will receive advance notices and significant discounts to the CASE’s annual conference and training sessions. You’ll also have access to exclusive member content and additional opportunities for promotion and networking. Sign up now.

NEW National Service Provider Registry: CASE has introduced a new option for service providers who do not wish to obtain full membership. Signing up for the Registry is FREE and allows you or your organization to be listed in our online service provider listing. Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your services and connect with interested employers in your geographic region. Sign up now.

Join us and be part of a united voice to create positive change in the workplace.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about CASE or our work.

The CASE team


Building a Stronger Workforce 

(Video in English)

Encourage employers to attend a webinar about the resources that our network of supported employment service providers has to offer: (i) English language webinar on March 10th from 1:00 to 2:00pm EST; or (ii) French language webinar on March 11th from 1:00 to 2:00pm EST.

The Building a Stronger Workforce communication campaign was launched in January and is driving employer interest in the resources that our network of supported employment service providers has to offer.

We will be conducting two employer-focused webinars about the resources that CASE supported employment service providers network provides.

If you’d be willing to help us get the word out to employers (or employer networks such as your local chambers of commerce) that are not yet part of your network of employers by sharing the message on your social media profiles and/or including it in your next e-newsletter please let Alex Rascanu know at alex@supportedemployment.ca by March 3rd.

Canadian organization makes compelling case for hiring people with disabilities


Postmedia Content Works 

As Canada confronts the challenges of its aging population and dwindling labour force, Canadians with disabilities largely remain an untapped pool of talent. The employment rate among Canadians with disabilities is estimated to hover around 50 per cent, though there’s evidence to suggest it’s actually lower. While some may be limited in their capacities to perform certain work, most people with disabilities who are not working — around 800,000—are eager and able.

To read more on this article in the Toronto Sun, click here!

Click here to learn more about the MentorAbility Canada Project!

MentorAbility is a national initiative that supports career exploration in the field of one's choice. To read more on MentorAbility experience success stories, click here!

MentorAbility is a national initiative that supports career exploration in the field of one's choice. To read more on MentorAbility experience success stories, click here!


Jason’s passion for computers and technology has been obvious since high school, and no one was surprised that he went on to excel in his Information and Communications Technology program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. But when his IT career began, he was quickly confronted with the need for a skill set that he had never been taught – or even been told about – in any of his training. Instead of finding himself in a back office working on hardware as he had imagined and hoped, he was in an entry level role providing customer service. It wasn’t just technical skills that he needed in this role, but interpersonal skills; skills such as active listening and communication. How had he gotten this far, without being aware of such an important part of his chosen field?

To read Jason's story and more on this wonderful initiative, click here.

MentorAbility is a national initiative that supports career exploration in the field of one's choice. To read more on MentorAbility experience success stories, click here!

MentorAbility is a national initiative that supports career exploration in the field of one's choice. To read more on MentorAbility experience success stories, click here!


Choosing to work is a fundamental human right for all people, including those with disabilities. Having a job lifts people out of poverty, gives them independence, provides social connections, and plays an important role in both individual self-worth and society. With resilience and innovation, some people with disabilities are overcoming generations of workplace discrimination and thriving in meaningful employment. This forum will highlight some of these global success stories, the families behind them, and the employers who have discovered the power of a diverse workforce.

To learn more, click here!

Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Project Learning Tree Canada invites all interested individuals to participate in the “Green Jobs are for Everyone” Workshop Series and Career Connections Fair on March 2 - 16, 2021.

The four-part Workshop Series aims to create space for youth to explore opportunities that will help grow a diverse and resilient green job workforce of the future. Each workshop is designed to meet the needs of communities that may face additional barriers to employment success, including: Indigenous, urban, and Newcomer youth, as well as youth living with disabilities. On each day there will be two breakout sessions one for youth and one for employers, where they will get professional development and training specific to the workshop theme. Following the Workshop Series, all youth participants will be invited to attend a virtual Career Fair to connect with employers.


: 1:00 to 3:30 pm EST

Venue: Zoom 

All sessions will be offered in English, but simultaneous interpretation in French will be provided live. Register here!

Auticonsult - 2020 winner of the OPHQ (Quebec government)

À Part Entière Award! 

Our warmest congratulations to @auticonsult Canada for their

well deserved achievement!

Call for Speakers is now OPEN !! 

Join us virtually at our 26th Annual Conference 
September 28-30 2021 
As a Speaker ! 

Reach 350+ delegates from across the country. We invite you to present on a topic related to your organization and the supported employment sector.  
This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how your organization has adapted during these uncertain times; how innovation can rise from challenges; and how a reboot can be necessary—and ultimately positive. Now more than ever we need to remember that we are stronger when we are together, even when we are apart. 

Our annual conference offers workshops on topics for supported employment service providers and trainers. Workshops are intended to provide valuable new ideas and information that delegates can take back to their organizations and use within their work. Our presenters are the heart of our conference. As a presenter, you will, contribute to the field of supported employment for the benefit of all people experiencing disability;

  • Share your best practices with provincial and national supported employment networks;
  • Present to major stakeholders, who may promote your work in their networks;
  • Reach over 350 delegates working directly with or in the field of supported employment;
  • Establish yourself as an influencer in the field;
  • Demonstrate publicly your social concern and leadership; and
  • Contribute to raising awareness about the importance of supported employment.

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Les répercussions de la COVID-19 sur les personnes ayant une incapacité

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Faits saillants du Sommet mondial de l'OIT : COVID-19 et le monde du travail

Du 1er au 9 juillet, l'OIT a accueilli le plus grand rassemblement en ligne de travailleurs, d'employeurs et de représentants gouvernementaux jamais organisé pour aborder l'impact du COVID-19 sur le monde du travail et la façon de bâtir un meilleur avenir du travail après la pandémie.

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Informations sur le Coronavirus en Facile à lire et à comprendre

Cliquez ici pour en apprendre plus sur le projet MentorHabiletés Canada

MentorHabiletés est une initiative nationale qui soutient l'exploration de carrière dans le domaine qu’une personne choisit. Pour en savoir plus sur les réussites des activités MentorHabiletés, cliquez ici

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