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Digital Literacy Instructors Course

  • 14 Jan 2022
  • 31 Dec 2022
  • Online



The Digital Literacy Instructors Course offers employment professionals an opportunity to assess their current digital literacy skills and access learning modules, lesson plans and resources, in order to support job seekers in increasing their capacity.  Employment professionals will be equipped to support their clients in moving beyond basic knowledge by inviting them to engage in critical thinking about online safety and teaching them how to manage their online presence and leverage social media for employment related purposes.

The purpose of this program/model is to support employment agencies in increasing their digital literacy knowledge while supporting job seekers to level the playing field. CASE recognizes the resources, costs and infrastructure involved in offering comprehensive digital literacy training. This program offers employment agencies an opportunity to provide digital literacy training for job seekers by participating in an existing infrastructure and community of practice.

The train the trainer course is built on the premise that the instructor (trainer) will be required to coach, mentor and support job seekers who are participating in our online digital literacy course.

Here is how the system works:

  1. The Instructor Course (train the trainer) is all online.  It walks you through the placement assessments, digital literacy content, and the quizzes that students go through in the digital literacy course for job seekers.  It also offers: videos, resource guides, lesson plans etc.
  2. Once you have successfully completed this online course, CASE offers an orientation session on how to be an instructor on our learning portal. 
  3. Following this, an individual learning cohort and registration link is activated for any students who enroll with you through your organization.

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